On Friendships
Someone told me recently that he always appreciated that I saw him for what he was, not for anything else.

Whether it’s a line or not – I needed to ask myself - Is there any other way to choose your friends?

I’ve always chosen my friends because I actually do really like them as people.
Shared interests and values, with similar ideas on what fun looks like. On a deeper level, I’ve chosen them because they had something to teach me or if they inspired me to be a better version of myself.

If you asked me what I like about every single one of my friends (and believe you me, I tested this by scrolling through my phone list and reciting to myself what I liked about that person), I could tell you something about each and every one of them that was good about them. Try it for yourself. If you can’t, why bother? Life is too short to waste your time with people who are not nice.

(As an aside, finding the best in people is just an easier, kinder way to live. Sure, prone to abuse and disappointment but so far, I’ve not been disappointed too often.)

My friends are smart, funny, driven and talented people. But more than that, they are also kind, considerate, caring and generous.

My friends have helped me in times of crisis, given advice, gotten me drunk, made me laugh, gone on adventures with me and literally picked me up sobbing on the kitchen floor. So, thank you for the friendship through the years, and I hope I’ve been a good friend to you. If I’ve not been one, I hope you can give me the chance to make it up.

If you need a pick me up, let me know. I’ll tell you a story about you that I hold dear to my heart.

Send me a DM. :)


It's so pinoy, it's perfect.

It will take you out of the depths of your despair.

It's perfect hang over prevention, to end your night of drunken debauchery.

Seared foie, char siu, veggies, soy, scallion/ginger sauce, steaming hot rice and a fried egg.

It's a life changing dish.

Life Update
Summer plans half booked.
Boyfriend love me/I love him.
Job going well.
Super happy.
Best of all : Orient Express for my birthday.

Yeah baby!

Summer Begins
Yesterday was just awesome.

Started at 7 with a bike ride up and down the hills of the island, followed by 2 hours of tennis in the sun, then chicken wings for tea time with two buddies from the office.

We had planned for dinner at 7 and then listen to music at the bar opposite mine, but the Island had other plans for us.

Charmaine from the office texted asking where I was and naturally I was at home waiting for Ian. She was at a rooftop party in front of Coast and there was only one rooftop I know of capable of hosting such a party - the roof behind my bedroom which I look down on with envy in my heart. In a comedic phone call, I got myself invited to the party that Charmaine crashed. Awesome stuff.

It turned out that Ian was one of 3 straight men there the whole night. It was just like being home in Manila!!!!!!!! And the women, they were funny. Ian asked me to grab a beer for him and after 10 seconds of crouching behind the counter for his beer, OY I stand up to see 4 women feeling up his pecs (they are quite awesome yeah) at the same time. Fucking hilarious. I'm still giggling here.

Of course the gays love me, and I got so many 'I'd do your boyfriend he is hot'. Ha ha.

Anyway, now I'm somewhat over my hang over with the help of massive amounts of water and some coffee. But I had to write it down.

Reporting live.
Hello, sports fans.

This is galiwaw reporting live from Hong Kong.

I'm happy, I love it here.

First few months were rocky but things are so looking up.

I <3 you Susan Miller!

So I said I wanted to move so I won't have to travel so much, yeah?

But then again, I'm off to Macau in a few weeks for a CNY weekend, then there's Japan in Holy Week, NY/LA AND Beijing in May, Taiwan in July. I don't know if CNY weekend counts but that's a passport stamp so maybe it does.

It's a crazy planets.

Lola Mommy
Lola Mommy died this week and tomorrow she will be cremated. She was my last grand parent.She went much earlier than the expected 2 months and I didn't get home in time. But we've already made our peace last Spring when she visited me - she was very proud of me she said (turning out better than expected - after all, I was the one grandchild she was the most worried about).

She was a strong lady without whom we all wouldn't be where we are today. She raised her children on a teacher's salary and raised them well - with street smarts, integrity, kindness and humor.

I'm glad we've decided to be happy for her. Some weepy moments like my meltdown on Cochrane and Lyndhurst on the way to buy pizza, but generally, we're carrying on as she would've wanted us to. Christmas lunch was happy and pleasant, the kids played and we all told our favorite stories.

I'm glad I look like her the most - I can only hope be the most like her one day, much loved with a family who thinks the world of her.

Bye, Lola Mommy. I love you.

Life so far
I'm happy here.

Happier than I've been in about 3 years.

I can truly say I'm happy, without qualification.

I found a nice flat, I love what I do, I eat better and I'm developing friendships. SoHo is a great area - beside my favorite restaurant, near the bars, very near work.

Rory has been great support but I'm expanding outside his circle with friends of my own. Like @jikikay who turned out to be my next door neighbor. I met people on the plane and started to hang out with them - foodies.

I can't wait for Uwe to come over and try it out in HK.

But also today I met the cutest guy on earth. Charming, good tennis player, funny, smart and loves star wars. Deep voice, british accent, tall and lanky. I think I'm in love. Ha ha. He's so cute. And he lives two streets away from me here in SoHo.

Anyway, let me know if you're in town. I'm buying coffee...

(no subject)
So, yeah.

I'm just waiting for Mercury in retrograde to finish so I can move on to my new life.

I've decided to move to Hong Kong. Move date is 1 December.

Looking at apartments, where to live, which of my stuff to move. It's kind of overwhelming.

I'm scared and excited.

Roller Coaster
What a roller coaster of emotions over the past three weeks!

But yeah, I'm human, I'm a woman. That's what I needed to learn.

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